Re-imagining groceries like your TV subscription.

Subscribe Now . PAY LATER . Cancel Anytime

Introducing Frischh

  • A digital platform which brings your favourite grocery items to your doorsteps on a Pay-as-you-go subscription model.
  • Bringing extreme payment convenience like your TV subscriptions. Buy your grocery today and pay your bills only at the first week of next month billing cycle when you have salaries in your account.
  • Keep yourself informed about promotions and optimise your grocery expenses based on intelligent expense optimisation advices.

As a Customer

  • Access to fresh grocery is a daily or weekly hassle, made of round trips across multiple local stores and long waiting queues.
  • A non-transparent market prevents consumers from easily comparing prices, products and availability across multiple local stores at a single glance.
  • No smart financial advisor exist to optimise your grocery expenses and consumers cannot know the local store promotions or offers unless they visit.

Key Features

  • Explore All - Browse, search or filter all your favourite grocery categories and products online on web and mobile apps.
  • Subscribe Now - Subscribe to your products with a flexible daily, weekly or monthly delivery plans.
  • Pay Later - Pay all your previous month grocery bills on the first week of current month through your credit cards, payment links over email or on-premise manual collection as per your covenience.
  • Pause Anytime - Pause, edit or cancel your subscriptions anytime, and your payment and delivery stops exactly at the same moment.
  • Optimize Wisely - Analyse your consumption every month and optimize your grocery expenses by adopting promotion advices.

How it works

Frischh App Screens

Coming soon on Android and iOS app stores

Advantages of Frischh

  • Strong foundation for pay-as-you-go subscription model to market.
  • Insightful analytics to understand your grocery expense.
  • A fully re-imagined credit based billing cycle model designed for extreme customer convenience.

Frischh Team

Kannan Reghu


Kannan comes onboard with 10 years of experience crafting high performance consumer and enterprise applications on web, mobile and cloud ecosystem. Proven track record in building technology startups and frontline leadership in mission critical commercial launches in Singapore and Europe. Key contributions to healthcare, retail, internet of things, real estate, education, e-commerce, telecom and entertainment industries. Proven track record of playing key role in C-Level to launch 3 technology startups in consulting, telecom and e-commerce industries helping them to achieve seed to series A potential. He is contributing to Frischh with core expertise in product development and technology architectures.

Nitin Bhardwaj


Nithin is a business graduate from ESCP Europe with a strong engineering background. He is an experienced venture development manager with a demonstrated history of working in dynamic startup environment. His core expertise is in areas like in analytics, financial modeling & programming. He has played a key role in business management with companies like Finleap, Peugeot, Foodpanda and Atheneum. He is supporting Frischh in areas of business development and financial modelling.

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